Digit is building the ERP of the future.

The original premise of ERP systems was promising: Collect and consolidate data from across the company in a singular coherent system from which the entire company can be managed.

However, built on a foundation from the 1970s, ERPs today are outdated, clunky, bloated and slow. They take 6 to 24 months to implement and require expensive third-party implementation consultants. And after all that, 55-75% of ERP projects fail or don’t meet the intended objectives according to Gartner.

We’re here to change that.

Founded in 2021, Digit is building a radically new operating system - built on real-time data, intuitive workflows and cross-departmental collaboration. Using Digit, manufacturers and distributors can automate manual processes and capture real-time data in a system that users love as much as the apps they use on their smartphone every day.

Manufacturers are the backbone of the economy.
It’s time they get the software they deserve.

Our story. We're building the system we wish existed.

Hi, I'm Dan, CEO & Co-founder at Digit. The idea for Digit goes all the way back to 2015.

I spent 7 years consulting manufacturers and distributors all across the US, from 10 employees to 10,000. I spent days, nights, and weekends in warehouses talking to frontline workers, managers, and owners. I observed every process, carefully listened to every challenge, and over time, learned how to help solve them effectively.

Because of that experience I was brought on as the CEO to lead the turnaround of a struggling disc golf manufacturer in Dalton, Georgia that had lost money 7 out of 8 years. During my time we brought the company back to profitability, increased revenue 5x, and built a rockstar team in the process.

Throughout all these years as a consultant and as an operator, I noticed that manufacturers and distributors have no good software systems to choose from. Either they spend years implementing a bloated, legacy ERP everyone hates or they continue living in Excel hell.

I knew there was a better way. So I decided to start Digit to build the system I wish I had.

Our vision. We strive to be the first true organizational operating system.

We believe that virtually no organization is reaching its full potential. Most organizations use dozens of systems to manage their operations. Departmental silos are prevalent, accountability and alignment are lacking, and capturing external opportunities is cumbersome. We believe integrating this fragmented system landscape via current solutions is, secretly, a brand-aid on the root cause.

The solution is a new kind of of organizational operating system: A singular system allowing organizations to (1) make a plan, (2) execute, (3) measure and optimize, and (4) seamlessly connect with the outside world. We’re not surprised this hasn’t been built. It’s an extremely hard challenge to solve. But this bold vision is what drives us every day.

Dive deeper into our vision by reading our CEOs blog post.

Our team. We've lived manufacturing and have successfully built high-growth startups.

CEO & Co-founder

Dan Koukol

Consulted 50+ manufacturers and led turnaround as CEO at disc golf manufacturer Prodigy Disc. Taught himself how to code.

CTO & Co-founder

Alena Dagneau

Previously served as VP of Engineering at 2 Y-Combinator startups. Full stack engineer with 13 years of experience.

COO & Co-founder

Simon Kronenberg

Previously served as Head of Growth at 3 startups (2 Y-Combinator funded), growing revenue from $0 to double digit millions.

Software Engineer

Stella Dare

Full stack engineer with 5 years of experience. Previously served as Software Engineer at Y-Combinator startup Revel.

Software Engineer

Erika Wolfe

Full stack engineer with 4 years of experience. Previously served as Software Engineer at Y-Combinator startup Revel.

Software Engineer

Seth Micah King

Full stack engineer with 5 years of experience. Previously served as Software Engineer at Y-Combinator startup Goodkind.

Business Development

Garima Kewlani

Business Development Associate at Digit with a Biomedical Engineering degree from the University of Southern California.

Our investors and advisors. We're supported by successful entrepreneurs and operators passionate about our mission.

Tomas Morales
CEO & Co-founder
Morales Group
Kevin Barry
COO & Co-founder
Filter Easy / Second Nature
Norman Boyd
VP North American Sales
Nicolaj Højer Nielsen
Entrepreneur, investor, professor
30+ portfolio companies
Nate Mariner
Senior Product Manager
Oracle / NetSuite
Adam Bolin
VP Distribution & Fulfillment
The Recreational Group
Cathrine Anderson
CEO & Co-founder
Roger.ai & Assemblage
Christian Rasmussen
CTO & Co-founder
Roger.ai & Assemblage
Jens Dybdahl Holstebro
CEO & President