Intuitive inventory and manufacturing software

From the loading dock to the shipping dock, track all your operations in real-time.

All in one. Everything you need to manage your warehouse and production.


Issue POs in seconds and never run out of stock again. Bring all your purchasing data into one place and access a complete purchasing history of every item and vendor.


Receive against POs, print labels, and get maximum traceability for every item. Share live receiving progress with accounting and eliminate manual back and forth. Track quality issues and enhance vendor relationships.


Know what you have, where it is, and what it’s worth in real-time thanks to barcode-based tracking. Manage your entire item catalog in Digit including raw materials, subassemblies and finished goods.


Build sophisticated BOMs and routing. Get real-time visibility into make-to-stock and make-to-order jobs and track quality.


Bridge the gap between sales and operations with fully integrated order management. Track live job progress from the order detail screen and easily access a complete sales history for every item and customer.


Give everyone access to live fulfillment data for all your orders. Equip your team with guided picking and packing workflows and automatically create necessary shipping documents.

No more clipboards,
no more spreadsheets,
no more human error.

Digit runs in the browser of any device and connects seamlessly with common label printers and barcode scanners. Finally start generating real-time data you can trust.

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Keep your accounting data in sync with Digit and QuickBooks.

Automatically send key financial data to QuickBooks and spend less time transferring data between systems.

Built for makers and doers.

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