Meet our new CTO Alena
By Simon Kronenberg (COO) - July 24, 2023
Alena Dagneau is joining us as our new CTO and third co-founder
Welcome Alena
We're thrilled to welcome Alena as a third co-founder and CTO on the team. Alena previously served as the VP of Engineering at Revel Gatherings, part of Y-Combinator's summer 2019 batch. She also led product development at another YC-backed startup called Make School as the Head of Engineering. This is where Alena and Simon met and worked together at for 1.5 years.

Besides having proven to be an effective leader that skilled engineers love to work for, she is also an extremely skilled programmer herself. She's been a full-stack developer since 2010.

Originally from Germany, Alena now lives in Montreal, Canada. Before settling down in the cold north, Alena lived and worked in more countries than most people have traveled to.

Going forward, Alena will oversee engineering and shape the direction of our product. If you're interested in joining Alena's team as a developer, click "apply now" at the bottom of our "about us" page.