Sales Hub

Bridge the gap between sales and operations

Say goodbye to bloated, isolated CRMs that barely get used and reap the benefits of a fully connected system.

Create quotes in seconds

Easily create quotes pulling from central customer and product tables.


Keep all your customers and contacts organized in one place and easily add them to quotes.
Digit scorecard in action


Create detailed quotes, send them via email or share via portal for quick customer approval.
Digit sales pipeline


Keep a record of all your quotes and track success rate.
Digit sales pipeline

Order management that brings everyone on the same page

Gone are the days of sales & production status meetings and email back and forth.


Manually add sales orders or automatically convert quotes to orders after customer acceptance. Highlight important orders by assigning priorities.
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Let anyone see the production status of sales order in real-time eliminating the need for internal emails and status meetings.
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Filter order history by customer and find out which customers are driving your growth.
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Filtes and notes

Keep your entire team in the loop and let sales reps add files and notes to any sales orders.
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Put growth on autopilot

Grow revenue without the email back and forth and build strong customer relationships effortlessly.


Keep track of all your suppliers including contacts, materials and purchasing history.
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Raw materials

See inventory at hand, ordered and allocated. Set minimum levels and reorder at the right time.
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Purchase Orders

Create standard and blanket POs and share them with your suppliers. Quickly find any PO by searching for supplier or material.
Digit sales pipeline


Keep track of what’s been received and at what price to determine inventory value and job costing.
Digit sales pipeline

Collect payments through the customer portal

Let customers accept quotes and make payments in one seamless experience. See payment status of your orders without needing to manually update anything.