Operations Hub

Full control from gate to gate

Digit’s Operations Hub let’s you track and manage the entire process from receiving and storing materials through production all the way to shipping.

Maintain optimal supply levels and track material costs

Monitoring current and projected stock levels. Issue, share and keep track of POs and receive against them to gain insights into the value of all your materials on the shelf.


Keep track of all your vendors including contacts, materials and purchasing history.
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Raw materials

See inventory at hand, ordered and allocated. Set minimum levels and reorder at the right time.
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Purchase Orders

Create standard and blanket POs and share them with your suppliers. Quickly find any PO by searching for supplier or material.
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Keep track of what’s been received and at what price to determine inventory value and job costing.
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No more clipboards,
no more spreadsheets,
no more human error.

Digit is optimized for mobile and connects seamlessly with common label printers and barcode scanners. Finally start generating real-time data you can trust.

Real-time inventory information you can trust.

Track inventory from the loading dock the shipping dock using fully integrated barcode systems and always know what you have, where it is and what it’s worth.

Manage locations

Easily create new inventory locations for areas, isles and bays and automatically generate barcodes.
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Move material

Effortlessly update inventory information by scanning materials into inventory locations using barcode scanners.
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Trace movement

Capture date, time, location, and responsible personnel, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.
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Gain insights

Filter inventory levels and value by material or browse inventory stored at any location.
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Package finished goods

Package individual boxes or pallets keeping track of the detailed contents.
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Ship orders

Automatically create Bill of Lading, packing slips and add carrier and tracking information.
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Run audits

Select locations or materials for audits, find discrepancies and easily adjust.
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Improve planning and costing with accurate BOM and routing

Manage BOM/routing for improved production planning, accurate cost estimation, streamlined collaboration and better product traceability throughout the process.

Manage products

Keep track of all your products with a single source of truth including sales price.
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Create BOMs

Build and update your Bill of Material for each product for accurate material planning and job costing.
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Manage routing

Set up routing to track sequential operations, processes, and steps and include detailed work instructions.
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Live progress and accurate job costing at your fingertips.

Get real-time visibility and streamline coordination to reduce lead times and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Create and schedule

Manually create and schedule production jobs or let Digit automatically schedule jobs based on triggers and constraints.
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Track jobs

See detailed progress for each job saving you from the manual email back and forth.
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Generate costing

Scan raw materials into production jobs and finally calculate actual job costs.
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Review scan history

Every scan is tracked so you can review the history and accurately calculate cycle times.
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Measure downtime

Set up custom downtime codes and proactively identify and reduce inefficiencies to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
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Track quality and reduce waste, defects, and costs.

Digitally document quality data and measure progress over time.

Customize QC

Set up your own error codes and custom QA checklists for each product.
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Track quality

Let operators log errors, run through step by step check checklist and enter measurements from external tools.
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Add third-party documentation

Keep all important quality information in one place to easily find it when you need it.
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Accurately track scrap and improve efficiency over time.

Don’t let any data go to waste, keep track of all your material usage.

Customize scrap reasons

Set up your own scrap reasons such as spoilage, left over material, expired or faulty products.
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Measure quantities

Generate scrap reports and get the true cost of your operations.
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Share portal access with suppliers and eliminate email back and forth.

Automatically issue POs, make supplier payments and share live inventory with select partners.

Share access with any supplier

Share portal access with any supplier in your supplier database.
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Put procurement on autopilot

Issue POs in seconds without ever writing an email or making a phone call.
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Share real-time inventory

Share live inventory levels of select items with specific partners.
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