Launch quickly

Time to say goodbye to 2 year ERP implementations, third party consultants and never ending training sessions.

Launch in 30 days or less

Traditional ERP implementations can take forever. Some systems never become functional at all. We understand time is money.

Customer success manager

No more frustrating third party implementation consultants. Work with a dedicated customer success manager throughout the implementation and beyond.

Composable system

Thanks to Digit’s composable architecture, you won’t have to hire expensive developers to configure your system to fit like a glove.

Guided data upload

Get a head start by uploading your customers, suppliers, materials, and more via simple csv upload.

Hardware recommendations

Your dedicated customer success manager will compile a suggested hardware purchase list that best fits your budget and needs.

Get onboarded in 30 minutes or less

We spend a lot of time designing the most intuitive system possible so that you spend no time learning how to use it.

Intuitive workflows

At Digit, we obsess over simplicity. Navigation matches your company’s structure. Workflows start and end on the same screen. Clicks are minimized. All this makes onboarding lightening fast.
Digit scorecard in action

Guided hardware setup

We only consider a system live once everything is up and running, that includes both software and hardware.
Digit sales pipeline

Training of employees

Your customer success manager will train you and your key employees on the software and answer any questions you may have.
Digit sales pipeline

Filtes and notes

Keep your entire team in the loop and let sales reps add files and notes to any sales orders.
Digit sales pipeline

Get help from people that understand manufacturing.

Digit was founded by manufacturing experts that will help you not just use the system but run your company the most effective way possible.

Consistent experience from implementation to support

Your dedicated customer success manager will work with you from day 1 of the implementation and stay with you for years to come. Get help anytime from someone that understands you and the ins and outs of your business.
Digit scorecard in action

Help when you need it

Reach out to your dedicated customer success manager at any time to quickly troubleshoot any issue that might arise.
Digit sales pipeline