Software that adapts to you, not the other way around

Get a system that fits like a glove in no time.

Do things your way

Quickly configure processes, materials, and more to match how you run your business.

Easy setup

Easily set up your own inventory locations, products and materials, production steps, routing, BOM and more.
Digit scorecard in action

Custom attributes

Add unlimited custom attributes to any object including products, customers, and more.
Digit sales pipeline

Name things your way

Name any object or process whichever way you want to so that long-time employees immediately know where to find everything.
Digit sales pipeline

Automate everything

Requires premium onboarding. Digit’s composable architecture means tailored workflows can be created quickly allowing you to finally automate any and all your manual sheets.

Excel automation

If one of your processes currently runs in Excel, it’s probably prone to human error, doesn’t deliver real-time data and is cumbersome to use on mobile. Digit’s goal is to get all your processes in one place and let data flow seamlessly. Our tailored workflow builder helps you get out of Excel hell and into the future.
Digit scorecard in action

Replacing pen & paper with tablets & phones

Digit is designed to run in the browser of any device, desktop or mobile and effortlessly connects to barcode hardware. Build tailored workflows, easily deploy them in the warehouse and replace all your paper-based processes. Say goodbye to printed job jackets, inventory audit clipboards and sticky notes on gaylord boxes.
Digit sales pipeline